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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine queries
are responsible for
between 85% and 90%
of all first time traffic
to a website.

If You don't Show up,
You Don't Exist!

Search Engine Optimization 

Until recently, Search Engine Optimization services (getting a "First Page" Ranking) on the major search engines has been thought to be a giant "guessing game" that no one could possibility win. 

Many companies guarantee that for a large price your site will be placed at the top of all of the major search engine. But the long-term goal is not to get place at the top of the list for a short time, but to KEEP your site at the top of the lists. That's where we come in! 

Keeping your site at the top of the search engine results can be done in several ways, but the best way is to have us watch your site for you. We constantly stay in touch with the Search Engine Optimizing industry so we know when things change. When they do, we will re-submit your site to keep it coming out on top in the lists!

Search Engine Optimization - Why Do I Need It?

Today, search engine queries are responsible for between 85% and 90% of all first time traffic to a website.

These results can be broken into two categories.

  • Sponsored Results

  • Organic Results

Sponsored results are paid for just like a listing in a Yellow Page or Advertising directory. A website owner pays for a search word or phrase and anytime someone uses that search word or phrase the page link shows up at the top of the page. Although you get good placement, this can amount in LARGE monthly payments to the Search Engine and may or may-not make you any return on your investment.

While an Organic Result listing show up below a Sponsored Result on most of the search engines, Organic results attract over 85% of all search engines users. Organic Results are proven to attract more traffic because they tend to be more specific. Search Engine Optimizing is a lot more affordable and when done correctly, it will be listed at the top of the Organic Result results.

Optimizing Solutions
Albee Digital offers several SEO services to meet your needs. 

Basic Search Engine Optimization:
This option includes the SEO Optimization of one page to your most popular keyword or keyword phrase. After doing so, we will submit it to the major search engines. After several weeks we will go back and make any changes needed to get the page a first page listing. This is a one-time effort, but it can really boost the traffic to your website.

Premium Search Engine Optimization:
Our premium search engine optimization service also includes the Optimization of one page of your website and it also includes submitting it to the major search engines. But, after achieving a first page ranking, we will continue to monitor the page to keep it on top for a whole year. 

This option will guarantee that your website will remain at the top of the search engines and keep visitors coming to your website instead of your competition's website. This option includes and annual subscription to our service and it can be added to your hosting bill if you wish.


What Is
Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process of arranges the text and data of a webpage so that search engines will like it better than other web pages. 

This gives that page a higher ranking on the results pages when people search for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.

The objective of SEO is not to “make your pages "appear natural” ... the objective is to make sure your links "are" natural.

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